Wake Up inspiration on Climate Change

The Mindfulness Bell is het Engelstalige tijdschrift voor mensen die beoefenen in de traditie van Thich Nhat Hanh. Het volgende nummer zal geheel gewijd zijn aan klimaatverandering. De deadline nadert al snel. Toch laten wij ons nog graag uitdagen door de volgende oproep.

Contribution for Mindfulness Bell issue on Climate Change welcome by July 1st.

The co-editors of the coming issue of the Mindfulness Bell are hoping for Wake Up responses to this invitation. 
Dear Sangha friends, this is an invitation for you to contribute to the next Mindfulness Bell issue on Climate Change. We would like to ask for a variety of sangha members’ answers to one of these questions (please pick the one you feel most attracted to):
  • In your daily life, individually and/or with your Sangha, what is one specific way you are helping to reverse the process of climate change? OR
  • In your daily life, how do you find joyful and fulfilling ways to reverse the process of climate change? OR
  • If you could take the form of any animal, plant or mineral (or place on Earth) and speak to humans from this standpoint, what being would you be and what would you say?  OR
  • If you were a member of our future generations 100 years in the future, what message would you have for humans living on the planet now?
We encourage relatively short answers (between 250 – 500 words) in order to accommodate a diversity of writings. Please include a one line bio about you with your name and where you live and any other things you’d like to share. Please send submissions to Natascha Bruckner: editor@mindfulnessbell.org.  Submissions are due July 1st.


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