Wake Up celebrates New Year’s at Plum Village

From the 26th December (departure from Utrecht in the evening) until the 3rd of January, we will joyfully share the practice of celebrating life :)

Do you want to experience New Year’s in a mindful, peaceful and joyful environment, together with practitioners from all over the world? Come with us!

As of December 1st, a few spaces are still free in the men’s dorm. These places are now also open to international Wake Up male friends who would very much like to join us! Let’s share some international Wake Up joy!


You won’t believe how we easy we have made it for you to join :) All you have to do is register, pay & pack.

NB: if you are unable to travel with us from the Netherlands by bus, please ALWAYS contact the organisers before making ANY FLIGHT OR PLANE ARRANGEMENTS to Plum Village! We need check if there is space for you, and be sure that you can arrive in Plum Village and leave again at the proper moments (check-in is Saturday 27th before 6 pm only and departure on Friday 2nd of January in the evening). As we will start and finish the retreat together, please be aware that alternative arrivals or departures are not an option unless we have explicitly confirmed alternative agreements with you. You can reach the organisers Anneke, Renee and Verena about this at sangha[at]wkup.nl


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