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Dear Wake Up friends,
Did you discover the Plum Village Happy Farm yet? I’m sure most of us know this place where vegetables are grown for monastics and visitors to enjoy.
In this garden happy farmers grow food in harmony with nature and with care for our planet. For me it was a wonderful place to practise working meditation – working while being aware of how I’m doing, what my needs are. Working mindfully, I found it beautiful to experience how we can live and work with joy without exhausting the earth or ourselves.
Now, in order to share the joys, the beauty and the underlying wisdom of Happy Farm with a bigger audience a fellow Wake Up member from Czech Republic, Barbora, has been filming footage to serve as source material for a documentary.
In order to finish this documentary, however, funding is needed. We can see her request for financial support as an opportunity to not only flex our generosity muscles but also to help spread Thay’s vision of mindful living and watering those seeds that bring out the best in us.
You can get a taste of the Happy Farm documentary via this link. 
You can donate and get more info about the Indiegogo campaing through this link.
– Jurriaan K.

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