Our sangha has started in the beginning of 2015.

Now we are still a small group (with some ebbs and flows of people coming and going). Yet we maintain to meet on a regular basis.

We meet almost every two weeks on a Thursday evening in Enschede. Our group currently consists of Dutch and international people and everyone who is interested in mindful sharing and meditation is more than welcome to join us.

Experience with meditation is not necessary. The evenings be held at the home of one of the sangha members, therefore the exact location (in Enschede) varies.

We start at 20:00 hrs. and usually end between 22:00 and 22:30 hrs.
Activities that we do are sitting and walking meditation, dharma reading, guided meditation, dharma sharing, a positive final exercise and we always start and end with drinking tea.
If you are interested to try it out and attend one of our sangha evenings, or if you would like to have some further information, do not hesitate to email enschede@wkup.nl. We hope to meet you at one of our evenings! :)