GNH Youth Retreat in Bhutan

We would like to share with you about this special opportunity to participate in the first GNH Youth Program in collaboration with Wake Up: a project-based retreat in the wild nature of Bhutan. This program is born out of the awareness that our generation grows up in a time of tremendous changes and challenges, things shifting all around and within us. Our Earth faces enormous ecological destruction, and our economic and social systems are slowly disintegrating, as they do not respond to our contemporary needs anymore.

Being at the threshold, our generation needs to develop new paradigms in order to respond to the complexity and challenges of living in times of transition. How can we respond to the situation of our planet by the way we think, live and work in our daily lives? How does our being in this world effect our doing, and vice versa? How do we find a balance between mental and material wealth, human needs and the needs of nature, and create new conditions for a meaningful and happy future to be possible?

Dates: September 14 – October 13
Last day of registration: July 10

More information: Invitation_GNH YOUTH PROGRAM_Autumn 2013
Application form: Here

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