Connecting Generations in Den Haag

By Miranda van SchadewijkEnjoy Every Step

The 19th of May, the usual Sangha morning in Den Haag took a slightly different turn. Inspired by the theme of Connecting Generations, both the regular Sangha and the Wake Up Sangha were invited to practice together that morning.

Armed with chalk, we arrive quiet early that morning for the Sangha gathering.  A little bit excited, just like naughty children, Barry and I start whispering spontaneously: ‘Do you write down “Breathe”? Then I’ll write “smile”.  Which colours shall we use?’  When we are happy with our work of art, we walk a little further, around the corner of the street, giggling.  This is where we will pass later during the walking meditation.  Naturally, the sentence we write down on the pavement here is: ‘Enjoy every step’.  Now, it’s really time to head back, the morning of mindfulness is about to begin…

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