A letter to Thay

The international Plum Village sangha recently shared with practitioners around the world how we can express our support and love for Thich Nhat Hanh now that he is in hospital. ‘We can enjoy being together and practicing with our sangha. To be with the sangha is to be with Thay. Together, we can generate a powerful collective energy of compassion and healing through our own mindfulness practice, wherever we are in the world’.

Wake Up friend Renée wrote a beautiful letter, expressing her gratitude and loving kindness to Thay and the sangha, which she has generously offered to share with us.

Dear Thay,

A warm wish from Holland, where a little flame is manifesting for you in a candle on my table. Its light shines on my favourite tea cup which is decorated with your calligraphy of ‘drink your tea’.

These days I am thinking of you a lot: wondering how you are feeling, hoping you are in not much pain and trusting in the good care you receive in the hospital in Bordeaux.
I write you because I would like to tell you that, despite the critical physical condition you are now in, I feel you are so alive: your energy is so alive in my heart and I believe in all of the hearts you have touched in all these years. And of course this could not be any different, as we are part of your continuation, your sangha body.

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